As digital communication becomes more and more prevalent in today's society, people are spending even more time in front of the monitor than they ever did before. For example, it's not unusual for people to spend an entire working day at a desk, and this has led to an increase in a problem known as digital eyestrain. While this may be no more than an inconvenience for some, it may lead to additional issues for others -- especially if they do not take steps to counter the challenge. If you're a desk warrior and have been having more than your fair share of headaches recently, what should you do?

On and Off

Experts are divided when it comes to the long-term effects of this type of exposure. However, most will agree that online sessions should be separated by periods of inactivity and that nobody should spend more than 90 minutes at a time staring at a screen.

Practical Help

It may also be a good idea to buy an antiglare screen and mount it to the front of the monitor. Alternatively, you could install a specific software program that will adjust and reduce the brightest light at certain times of day.

Proper Setup

It is also very important to place the monitor in the correct position so that the eyes will naturally fall toward the top one third of the screen when the individual is seated properly. The screen should also be at least an arm's length away from the face for best results.

The Need for Correction

Many people may have an undiagnosed eye condition, and this is not unusual, especially with advancing age. In other words, they may need to correct their vision and should make sure that they get prescription glasses as soon as they can. These spectacles will be specifically designed to take into account the individual prescription and may also be multifocal so that they can be used for short, intermediate and long-range vision. This may help the person to switch quite easily between reading a book, viewing the computer screen and driving, for example.

Seeing an Optometrist

If it's been some time since you had your eyesight checked, then you should probably visit your optometrist. You should tell them about your lifestyle and the number of hours that you spend per day on your computer so that they can conduct a full examination and prescribe the right type of glasses for you.