Glasses can last for years if treated correctly, but they are still quite fragile. If they get pressed down too hard while in your pocket or get knocked or stood upon, it's easy for them to go a little crooked. You might still be able to wear them and see through them, but wearing crooked glasses should still be something you avoid.

Here are just three reasons why.

1. Your Sight Will Be Affected

If you look at the lenses in your glasses, you will notice that they have a slight curve – this will often be more pronounced when you're dealing with stronger prescriptions. When you were first fitted with glasses, your face should have been measured to ensure the glasses would fit well. This isn't just an aesthetic concern – the optometrist will also have been making sure the lens would rest right in front of your eye.

If you look right through the corner of one lens, you'll notice that the image you see feels a little abnormal. If your glasses are crooked, your lenses probably won't be sitting right in front of your eyes, meaning that the incoming image will be slightly distorted. This shouldn't make your sight any worse in the long-run, but it can reduce your ability to correctly see what's in front of you, especially when you need to act quickly. Additionally, seeing through the wrong section of your lenses can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea.

2. Slips Are More Likely

Well-fitted glasses are designed to stay secure and snug around your face. While they might come off if you trip over or are badly jolted, they're unlikely to feel loose or insecure. However, crooked glasses won't rest so easily, so it's much more likely that they will fall off. This can cause breakages, and losing your glasses can be dangerous if you happen to be behind the wheel. Furthermore, crooked glasses might not hold your lenses as securely, so one of those lenses might fall out even if the frames stay on.

3. Crooked Glasses Aren't Fun to Wear

Finally, wearing crooked glasses just isn't too much fun. For one thing, you won't look as good, but you're also likely to find their less secure nature annoying, even if they don't actually fall off, whereas glasses that are well-fitted will be barely perceptible. For these reasons, you might decide to start wearing your glasses less frequently, which can impact your vision and cause it to worsen over time.